It’s one of the few apps that currently works with the feature.

What you need to know

  • LastPass just released a new beta that supports Android’s updated BiometricPrompt API.
  • This functionality enables the use of the face unlock feature of your Pixel 4 in place of a password. Fingerprints will still work on phones with fingerprint readers.
  • You’ll need to enroll in the LastPass beta in order to get the update.

LastPass is now one of the first apps to release an update with face unlock support for the Pixel 4. That’s a big deal because, until now, there were less than half a dozen apps that supported Google’s one and only biometric authentication method on the Pixel 4. That means, up until now, you’ve had to become very familiar with your PIN or password when logging into your banking or password management apps.

LastPass users can get the latest version by heading over to the LastPass listing on the Google Play Store, scrolling down to the beta section under reviews, and tapping on the “join” button. If you’re enrolled in the beta, your listing should look like the image below.

As of this writing, there are now six apps in total that support Google’s new BiometricPrompt API, which is the behind-the-scenes language used to accept biometric authentication from either fingerprint readers or facial recognition devices. Google has been working to beef up its security by offering additional, more secure ways of authenticating, and the Pixel 4 showcases the most advanced facial recognition we’ve seen to date. They’ve still got some important features to add, though, and while it’s not completely perfect yet, things are well on their way to getting there. If you want to see the full list of supported apps, check the link below.

These apps support the Pixel 4’s face unlock feature

Unlock it with your face

Google Pixel 4

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Behold the power

The Google Pixel 4 is the first Android flagship phone in a long time to ship without a fingerprint reader. That’s because it ships with a state of the art suite of facial recognition hardware, instead. Reach for the phone and it’s unlocked before you even have time to notice, day or night. It really is that simple.

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